Meet the minds who are making VRAL a reality.


CTO & Co-founder

With his experience as a software developer for over 20 years, Schachar is seasoned in many areas and disciplines, from ancient mainframes to tiny system-on-chip units.

He has an extensive array of experience with small board computer and low-power systems, as well as 3D platforms like OpenGL, DirectX, XNA and Three.JS.

In his time, Shachar has also dealt with first-tier customers like Disney, Sears, GE and Mazda.

Generally going my by the moniker "Vice", Schachar is also a tinkerer, maker, 3D printing enthusiast, and photographer. His current endeavors are geared towards providing an outstanding user experience for VRAL.


CEO & Co-founder

Dr. Hillel S. Maresky is a Toronto-based radiologist and medical imaging specialist at the University of Toronto.

Certified in both SMRC and SCCT level III - the highest attainable qualifications in the cardiac imaging domains - Dr. Maresky has had the honor of becoming the recipient of RSNA and NVIDIA Corp. research grants. His research encompasses advanced cross-sectional and 3D imaging of the body, and its application in med education.

Before qualifying as a medical imaging specialist, Dr. Maresky served as a flight surgeon and emergency medicine physician. He has formal experience in medical education as an anatomy lecturer for medical students at Columbia Medical School and Sackler School of Medicine.


Chief Strategist & AI Engineer

Wilfred is a world-renounced physicist, professor, engineer, and acclaimed academic expert in special relativity and proton acceleration.

Before VRAL Corp., Wilfred served as an advisor to HydroOne, South African Water Company, and sits on the board of Continuing Education at the University of Toronto. He has over 30 years' experience in advanced computing, machine learning, industrial and chemical engineering and sciences education.

Wilfred has earned his title as “one of the most intriguing, innovative Canadian minds of the 21st century” (Globe). Viewed by many as a trailblazer in scientific innovation, he leads the way in his industry by inspiring those around him to continually push the boundaries.


Marketing Advisor

Dan Wasserman is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Mammoth Health Innovation, and has also served as an Executive in Residence at ventureLAB for almost six years where he created the Healthcare Ecosphere, one of three provincially recognized healthcare innovation initiatives.

Dan started his career in the advertising agency business, rising to the senior management ranks in short order. He next co-founded a technology company dedicated to protecting creator rights as the entertainment industry transitioned from analog to digital.

After nearly three years working with Hollywood, he created the promotion that generated over $25 million in first year's revenue for Sympatico™ to secure it as the largest Internet service provider in Canada. Since that time, he has consulted for a number of emerging technologies all over North America.


PR & Clinical Communications

Dalia graduated from York University with an Honors BA in Psychology. Her experience is in social psychological research, and she has spent the last two years as the communications and marketing manager at a wealth management firm, ensuring that potential clients receive the information that they need to take a step forward.

Dalia is passionate about education, and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in education, with a specialization in counselling and psychotherapy.

Dalia's passion for education has led her on an amazing journey into the world of augmented/mixed reality, and she has become a VR thought leader and trailblazer in "learning through knowing."


Director of R&D, AAMC Liaison

Michelle graduated from City University of New York— Queens College with degrees in Neuroscience and English Literature, and has served as Project Manager of Neuroradiology Research at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center.

She has worked as a research assistant in developmental biology and nanotechnology labs before shifting to medical imaging research, with focuses in neuroimaging and virtual autopsy. She has been published in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience and has several additional publications in progress.

Michelle demonstrated strong leadership in academic medicine in her research, recently assumed the position of president of VRAL CORP. USA., while also working towards completing her medical degree.

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